Larry Fleet at The Truman

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The Truman | Kansas City, Missouri

Larry Fleet

Brush off your cowboy shoes as you're going to a two-step dance all night this fall! Care to take a guess on the remarkable country entertainer set to head the performance? Larry Fleet is making its way to Kansas City, Missouri, and our level of excitement knows no limits! With every strum of the guitar and passionate words, Larry Fleet is going to whisk you away to the untamed, wild frontier!

Larry Fleet is currently one of the most exceptional country singers presently. Gaining traction across the nation, hit tune after hit melody, Larry Fleet genuinely emerges as a potent force to be dealt with in the realm of country tunes. Their pieces present a mixture of strong vocals and resounding percussion, fashioning the ideal recipe for country music. Larry Fleet is getting ready for a highly anticipated showing at the The Truman on Thursday October 2023 - so make sure you're all set for this! Summon all your friends and inform them you're attending the most sweltering country show of 2023! Acquire your tickets right away by simply selecting 'GET TICKETS' before they disappear!

There is something magnificent about country music, something special that keeps you coming back, the hard and fast songs as well as the love songs, they're all as significant as each other. That passion you have for country music reaches the genre in its entirety, the wide range of bands, its hard to choose one you love, but it's so simple when you find out Larry Fleet has released tour dates for fall,'s the easiest option! When Larry Fleet comes to Missouri, Kansas City one magnificent Thursday night in October, you just know you need to attend, country fanatics are securing access so fast! Larry Fleet will be hosted by the famous The Truman of Kansas City, Missouri on Thursday 26th October 2023. The Truman is known as being a huge capacity venue for such important concerts and often shows excellent acts like Larry Fleet. If you would like to go to this huge evening of country music then think quickly. Click the 'get tickets' button not miss out on this opportunity!

Larry Fleet at The Truman

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