Ravenscoon at The Truman

Ravenscoon Tickets

The Truman | Kansas City, Missouri


If you think you can wait before securing tickets to see Ravenscoon live on Friday 13th October 2023 at the fitting The Truman in Kansas City, Missouri, then you are very wrong. Because even now, fans of second to none techno and electronic music are rushing the box-offices to make sure they get their tickets to experience this fantastic show. If you don’t want to miss out on what fans are naming possibly the favorite show of 2023, then you still have the opportunity to secure your tickets before they run out. All you have to do is click the Buy Tickets button below while tickets last. Just remember, Ravenscoon won’t stay in Kansas City for long and once the tickets run out, they are gone for good.

If you’re in the mood to escape your daily routine during a mind-bending techno adventure - we might have the perfect idea for you. Ravenscoon will team up with the iconic The Truman this October, and the party’s promised to be even better than it sounds. We all know the venue’s long-kept tradition of deliveringthe leading techno legends of today and bright stars of tomorrow, but this time the hosts will go the extra mile. They’ll secure the ultimate party experience for the patrons with a wild mix of sumptuous offerings, including light shows and pyrotechnics, installations, mesmerizing stage performances and heart-racing sound systems that will blow their minds away. The guests can also enjoy an endless stock of drinks to keep their spirits up and help them rave the night away! You better make up your mind quick and secure your seat today - you’re not the only one who wants to enjoy all the hidden gems included in each ticket.

Ravenscoon at The Truman

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